[Fixed] Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering

Laptop screen flickering is one issue that is quite common with Lenovo users. The screen of your Lenovo laptop starts flickering all of a sudden and hampers your work to a great extent. Needless to mention that the situation is quite annoying, and the quick fixes we generally employ, such as a restart of the system, doesn’t really help in resolving the issue. Here, in this article, we have discussed the prominent causes and the solutions to this Lenovo laptop screen flickering issue.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering

What causes Lenovo laptop screen flickering problem?

A Lenovo laptop screen flickering problem may arise due to several reasons. While most of the common causes are hardware related, but, the issue may also be a result of incompatible software on your Lenovo laptop. A loose or damaged screen cable is the foremost cause behind this screen flickering issue on your Lenovo laptop. Other prominent causes include outdated drivers, wrong BIOS configuration, problems with the inverter, and even a virus or malware attack. The prominent causes of Lenovo laptop screen flickering issue are discussed below.

  • Inverter: It converts current from AC to DC. If the inverter board fails, then it may cause your laptop screen flickering.
  • Driver: The laptop screen flickering issue may also result from an outdated device driver on your Lenovo laptop.
  • Malware: A malware or virus attack may cause immense damage to your system including this screen flickering problem.

How to Fix Lenovo laptop screen flickering

The methods described here are pretty simple and straightforward, and you should have no trouble applying them. Here they are:

Maintain the Correct Refresh Rate

You should maintain a proper Refresh rate. Refresh rate indicates how many times your laptop screen redraws in each second. According to the capability of the CPU, you should maintain the refresh rate. Unless it results in screen flickering. To avoid the poor quality of the display, choose “Screen Resolution” by clicking right at your laptop display, then click “Advanced Settings” and “Monitor.” Thus, you can also avoid and manage Lenovo laptop screen flickering horizontal lines.

Update Graphics Card Driver

An outdated driver is one of the biggest causes. So always try to maintain updated graphics card driver. For a quick and hassle-free updation of your graphics card driver, you can connect with a reliable laptop repair service provider who deals with such issues.

Turn on Vertical Sync

Lenovo laptop screen flickering horizontal lines can be corrected if you turn on vertical sync. It prevents the refresh rate of an application. Therefore, it is helpful to reduce horizontal flicker.

Hardware Failure

Since backlight and inverter damage can cause this problem, you should consult a technician.

Replace the Monitor

An older monitor is one of the most likely reasons. In such cases, you need to replace the monitor.

Reboot or Restart

When the display starts flickering, all you sometimes need to do is, remove the battery once. Keep it outside for a few minutes. After that, re-attach the battery to the laptop and plug the charger immediately. You may face a flicker-free display as a result.

Raise your Laptop

Raise your laptop twice, thrice or more to check whether the flickering of the display is more likely to cause for the movement of the laptop. In such cases, you need to repair it entirely.

To avoid Lenovo laptop screen flickering you just follow the steps and the instructions above. You will definitely find these as viable solutions. And if you want to find out about solutions to such common technical glitches, such as the Lenovo laptop mouse not working. You can find that on the website.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering

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