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A router is a networking device which connects two or more software, that allows the router to move data from one network to another. The main function of a router is to connect the network together and broadcast traffic under control. In this article, you know the purpose of a router in details. Here we have discussed some basic purpose of a wired and wireless router.

Routers help other networks to know about the topology of the network and also about the network changes.

When a router is connected to a modem, all of the computers that are connected to the router can also access the internet through the modem. We can connect one router with a different number of computers, from a small home network to a large network of hundreds of server.

purpose of a router

Purpose of a Router- What Are The Pros And Cons Of Routers?

A router is a very important internet accessing networking device which has several purposes. Before using a router you should know what is the purpose of a router, how it helps us.

  1. A router acts as a gateway between two networks. It has two main purposes.
  • At first, the router makes sure that data is directed to the correct destination. For example, email is sent to the correct internet provider and recipient.
  • Second, the router prevents data from going where it is not should be sent.
  1. Router Security

    : The router always acts as a buffer between the network and the modem. Routers have the software security to diminish the risk of viruses or other malware

  2. Path determination

    : The router considers multiple alternatives during the process of path determination to get to the same place. Like people, routers also choose alternative ways to get the shortest and best path.

  3. Routing Tables

    : Routing table contains the network layer intelligence that tells the router how to forward packets to the destinations. The routing table is made up of networks that are directly connected to the network. By using routing table routers get to know how to get to the destination shortly.  

       5.Routing Protocols: Distance Vector Routing Protocol is a major routing protocol for communications methods that use data packets sent over Internet Protocol. By using this method router reports the distances of various nodes within a network to determine the best and most efficient routes for data packets.

A router transmits its distance vector to each of its nearby network in a routing packet. It also receives and saves the most recently received distance vector from each of its neighbors. Routers only have to know the direction on which to send a packet.

Purpose Of A Router


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