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You may encounter Android error code 940 while requesting a game or app download from Google Play Store. Many customers are facing this issue these days and they can’t resolve it due to the lack of proper knowledge regarding this error code in Android devices. So, in this article, you will get to know a few common problems that you may face as a consequence of this Android error. Also, it covers a few professional methods to resolve this error and recover the excellent features of the Google Play Store. You can also call Baba Support to identify the root cause of error 940 in your device.

Reasons Behind Android Error Code 940

The error code 940 is the most commonly generated errors that Android users are facing over any other issue. It appears on your device screen in the form of popups and distracts your attention while downloading any app using the Google Play Store.

The get this error mostly when your Android’s Play Store fails to process a downloading task at that moment. This failure can occur due to many reasons, which may include malfunctioning applications or storage space shortage in your Android device.

Many customers even load an Android simulator on their PC and try to download an app using the Play Store. However, if the download process still remains idle, it can generate this error 940 on your device screen.

Some users may face this error code while downloading an air horn application on their mobile device. Also, this issue can resurface during Facebook installations due to Android compatibility issues.

As there are multiple reasons behind error code 940, it is the best to consult a tech-support company like Baba Support to resolve it.

Procedures For Troubleshooting Error Code 940

Even though there are many other ways by which industry professionals fix this Android error, you can apply the given simple methods to start with.

Method 1- Restart Android Device

Make sure that you are powering down your Android mobile or device properly so it completely turns off. After 10 seconds of this, you have to restart your device and try to initiate downloading apps using Google Play Store. For most users, you may see that the error 940 is already gone. However, you can contact the Baba Support team if the issue persists in your Android device.

Method 2- Remove App Data From Google Play Store

Follow these steps to clear out the application data to fix the error code at the earliest:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and then, select ‘Manage apps’ from the ‘Applications’.
  • Tap “All’ and go to ‘Storage’ under ‘Google Play Store’ to clear ‘data’ and ‘cache’.
  • Select ‘Download Manager’ and clear cache and data from the downloads.
  • Erase data from ‘Google Apps’, ‘Check In Services’, Google Hangouts and Services Framework.

If you are getting this issue while using a certain browser, remove data from the browser apps to fix Android error code 940. For more troubleshooting solutions, contact Baba Support technicians to handle Android errors effortlessly.

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