Troubleshoot Android Error Code 24 In Simple Ways

You are likely to encounter Android error code 24 when your device is stuck with a new program installation using Google Play Store. So, receiving this error means, the previous installation data is still in the Play Store. Getting this error also denotes that the customers can’t install a new app unless the previous app data is removed entirely from their devices. Hence, in this article, the focus is mainly on the issue of Android error 24 and what are the underlying causes of getting this error message. Also, you will learn a few quick methods resolve this error.  

When Does Android Error Code 24 Occur?

If you get error code 24, then the application data from the previous app still remains in Play Store database and your device. It not only occupies storage space but also prevents new installation of the same app, even after uninstalling the old one.

In most of the rooted devices and even in Play Store, you can get this error due to flashed ROMs or issues with corrupted application files installation.

Since the device installer still has similar folders in its root directory, you can’t install the same program using the Play Store in your Android device. This is when the issue of error 24 occurs in your device and you need to fix it using effective troubleshooting steps.

Many customers are getting this Android error while installing Whatsapp and Facebook, even after clearing old data and applying boot. This becomes another issue with customers who can’t boot their Androids due to various technical difficulties.

You can consult Baba Support to provide technical assistance to resolve this error and utilize Play Store apps conveniently.

Quick-Fix Methods To Resolve Android Error Code 24

In order to fix error code 24, go through these following troubleshooting steps:

Use a tool for direct application downloading

Instead of using the Google Play Store, search the internet to find the .apk file of the program you want to install. After downloading the .apk of that application, try to install it directly on your Android Device. This may resolve error code 24.

By using applications to manage root file

Many users can’t access device root files using the default file manager. In that case, they can use root browser app for accessing the files. To do this, customers can download and install the browsing app for root and delete unnecessary folders from ‘Data’ folder. After this, it will be possible to install the new apps using the Google Play Store.

Apply factory reset options in Android device

The majority of the Android errors can be resolved using this method of device factory resetting. In case the previous methods didn’t work for you, then apply this alternative to resolve error 24.

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