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Asus comes in a box with remarkably powerful laptops which offers you a commanding performance along with durability and reliability. Amidst of its compelling features, it is annoying whenever you come across Asus Error Code 00 along with a beep during the startup of a task. Users report that whenever they try to boot their Asus Laptop, either there is no screen signal or the motherboard are not working.  

Hence, you might search for reliable support to eliminate the issue. Go through the article to know about simple tricks to resolve the error.

Causes Behind Asus Error Code 00

Understanding the underlying reason for the Asus Error Code 00 is important. If you are not tech savvy then you need to appoint reliable tech support technicians to locate the probable causes behind the error 00. Generally, it is related to either a fault in the motherboard or corruption in the BIOS. Often the error occurs due to an underlying defect in the CPU as well as in HDD. Know the causes and troubleshoot the issue effectively.

Troubleshoot Asus Motherboard Error Code 00

If you are facing the error 00, then go through the solutions mentioned below to resume your performance like before. Let us have a look at the step by step measures.

Solution 1: Check The Motherboard

The Asus Error Code 00 can originate due to a specific restriction within the motherboard itself. Then you need to try to install the standoffs supporting the motherboard and verify whether it is functioning accurately. If you find that you have not installed the standoffs, then you need to do it now.

Solution 2: Clear CMOS

You have to clear CMOS to fix the error. You can do this through the button. Otherwise, you can also switch the CMOS battery for a few minutes. Again insert back the CMOS back to its original place.

Solution 3: Check RAM Settings

It might be, that the primary difficulty is with the RAM, which is hindering your access. You need to validate whether the RAM is placed correctly. If it is not then you have to inspect the RAM slot whether any kind of object is blocking the RAM. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the RAM you intend to use is compatible with your system.

If you find that your RAM is a functional position, then it’s time to move to the next solution.

Solution 4: Turn Off And Restart Asus Device

This step is the last solution that you can apply to help you out of the situation. Turn off of your Asus laptop and unplug all power connectivities. Now, wait for at least 40 seconds and turn on the device. Then open your device on the test page. Finally, make sure when powering on the Asus Laptop, you can hear a beeps sound.

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