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Asus has been one of the leading brands when it comes to high-performance laptops. However, there are specific error codes with Asus devices. One such error code is Asus motherboard error code 99. This error generally occurs when the motherboard is incapable of performing the boot function. Basically, the error appears with an error message that displays No Signal on the computer. Meanwhile, due to no signal, it becomes unable to get the BIOS. Although the problem is quite tricky, still our technical experts have been able to fix Asus motherboard error code 99.

As this is a hardware problem, hence one needs to efficiently perform the tricky troubleshooting steps to deal with the error without damage.

Triggering Solutions For Asus Motherboard Error Code 99

The main point of troubleshooting this error depends on the causes behind Asus motherboard error code 99. One can quickly fix the error from the core having comprehensive and accurate guidelines from the Asus Customer Support.

Step1: Disconnecting The HDD

The primary step is to disconnect the damage or fault HDD. It might be helpful to remove the HDD from the system and attach it to another device. It will be beneficial to access files and folders to check the problem is occurring. The problem can also be due to SATA cable.

Step2: Mount and Remount The CPU

It is best to mount the motherboard from its position. Then remount the motherboard again to the exact location. Find out whether the issue still insists.

Step3: MBR Restoring

Damage of the MBR can also be the possible cause of the issue. So it is mandatory to go to the BIOS boot option and save the changes. In order to take an initiative measure, you can restore the MBR so that it can quickly deal with the error 99.

Step4: CMOS Reseting

If everything is placed correctly then unplug the power supply and motherboard battery altogether, then reset the CMOS. After the reset is complete, set it into the original position that was before and turn it on again.

The error code 99 fundamentally describes Super IO Initialization issues and the fixes given above focuses on this particular field. If the problem still occurs, then the best possible way is to connect with our professional support team for genuine response.

Why Should You Avail Our Services ?

Asus error code 99 is one of the critical issues that might lose your valuable data or files resulting into a damaged hardware. For resolving such errors, our experts at Babasupport can help you out with top-notch solutions. Moreover, our professionals provide you with all explications of hardware problems. Users can entirely rely upon us as we extend quality repair service. Subsequently here is a list of services in which our experts specialize in.

  • Accidental deletion of significant files
  • Faulty power supply or a head crash results in hard disk failure.
  • Reinstallation of OS
  • The hard drive is getting formatted or overwritten due to the Ghost image.
  • Damaged or deleted MBR
  • Any physical damage with the drive or the disk is not spinning
  • Corruption of files

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