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If you are facing Dell printer error code 016 302 then you are one among the thousands to confront the same issue. Dell manufactures laptops, monitors, printers and other computer peripherals. While they use advanced technology in their products, still they are not entirely flawless.

Contact our Baba Support experts for fast and accurate recovery of the bugs. Meanwhile, read this article to know about the causes, symptoms and quick fixes that you can try on your own.

Know About The Possible Causes Of Dell Printer Error Code 016 302

The most probable cause of this error is the memory drive. But many have claimed to receive this error while trying to connect it with the network. Users have argued that while they were trying to print a page from Mac Pro, Texteditor, Safari or Firefox web browsers, they have faced this issue.   

Dell has credited this error as CPU illegal exception. This error may begin after you start running third-party applications that are illegal in your computer. It is recommended not to use any third-party software because they may contain computer virus and spyware that can harm your device.

The Solutions To Apply For Dell Printer Error Code 016 302

The solutions given above are easy and can be solved while you sit back at your home. Follow the steps one after another-

Disconnect Data Connection

First, disconnect the data connection from the printer. You need to power cycle the printer a few times.

Print A Sample Settings Page

Now print a sample settings page in your printer. To do so, you can perform the following steps.

  • Power Off your Dell printer machine.
  • Then close the lid and other covers in the printer machine.
  • Press the up and down buttons of your printer parallel; this will power on the printer.
  • Be careful to release your hold upon the buttons as soon as you see the message Diagnosing” appear.

Test The Printer

When you see the Customer Mode and the ESS dialog box to display, select the ‘Customer Mode.’ Now hit the ‘Down Button’ until and unless the Parameter appears and then click the Radio button next to it.

The parameter menu becomes visible on the LCD. Now, again hit the down button until the print option is seen and then press the radio button. The setting page begins to print. You can push cancel if you are confirmed that your printer is working fine.

Remove The Memory

Replace the memory slot if you find that the error is occurring due to the memory. But first, sure of the error and if possible double-check your memory drive.

Replace The ESS Board

Replace the ESS board. This may resolve your issue.

Power Cycle Your Printer

If you were printing while the Dell printer error code 016 302 took place then consider to power cycle your Dell Printer. But before that make sure that you delete the print that was taking place from the print queue. Then power cycle your printer again.

Reinstall The Printer Driver

Reinstall the particular driver of your printer and verify if that resolves your issue. Update the firmware of your printer.

Need Assistance? Avail Our Baba Support

You can check into our Baba Support to avail doorstep services for your printer. We also offer pickup and drop facility for your printer. Our Email Support team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals who can sort out any issues regarding Dell printer.

We are available all round the clock, and hence you can approach us any time you are comfortable. You can also avail our online chat support through our website. We have garnered positive reviews from our customers.

Give us a call at our helpdesk number  +1-800-917-0185 You can even email and state your grievances at our email id [email protected]


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  1. One of the simplest ways to solve the error code 016-302 is changing the IP address of the printer. To do this, you have to simply reset the network settings and then, install the Dell printer on your system. After doing the above steps, you need to go to the web interface for print server settings and change the IP address.

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