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Dropbox is a widely used program that helps you perform a lot of functions over the Cloud. However, at times you can receive the Dropbox error downloading file. In this error, you may find issues in downloading the files. Either you can’t download the files or the downloaded files are corrupt and you can’t open it. It could happen due to multiple reasons.

Why Dropbox Error Downloading File Occurs?

There can be quite a few reasons behind this error. Some firewall, proxy, or antivirus might be interfering with your program. You might have set up the Dropbox incorrectly or you might be having an unstable internet connection.

Your session might have expired or Dropbox can become corrupt due to some reason. History, cache, cookies, anything can cause this issue. Here are some generic solutions that you must try to resolve this issue.

Resolving  Dropbox Error Downloading File

First of all, check if your internet connection is stable and robust. Then check if there anything on your network connection like firewall, anti-virus, proxy, etc. that might be interfering with the program. You can try disabling them and then try to download the file.

Try signing out of the Dropbox ID and sign back in. Now try to download the file again and see if the issue is resolved. It might also be that the file size is too large to download over public Wifi. Try downloading it over the personal Wifi or download the Zip version of it. You can also try compressing the file size and see if Dropbox error downloading file is resolved.

If the file is corrupt, you won’t be able to download it. To check if the file is corrupt or not, you must check it with the third party application. Open the Dropbox and move to the file you are trying to open. Scroll up and click on export. Now select the relevant third party app and check if the file is corrupt or not. If the file is corrupt, you will not be able to view it in the other app, allow it to download.

Sometimes, the Dropbox error downloading file occurs when you try downloading a massive file on your phone. If such is the case, use the desktop Dropbox program for downloading the file.

If your caches and cookies are clogged, it might also interfere with the file download. Clear all your history, caches and cookies first. Now restart your system and then try to download the file.

You can also try to save the file on the other cloud service like GDrive and then try to download it if you can’t do it via Dropbox.

Usually one of the solutions will resolve the Dropbox error downloading file. You can also use a combination of the solutions if one of them doesn’t work. If nothing works, well, it’s high time that you contact the experts.

Contact Dropbox Experts|Anytime, Anywhere

Dropbox experts are always available at your assistance. If none of the above solutions works for you, you might need some technical expertise for the right tweakings.

Contact our experts at Baba Support number +1-800-917-0185. You can also contact us via sending an email at [email protected] or live chat. Whatever be your contact channel, we are always ready to help you to resolve. This can help to resolve your issues at the earliest.

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