Outlook Error 0x80040600: Easy Methods To Resolve It

Outlook is a stand-alone application to organize emails, calendars, notes etc, from the house of Microsoft. It is quite popular for its user-friendliness and other amazing features. However, it is not free from errors as well. Users struggle to resolve the technical glitch but in vain. Outlook error 0x80040600 is one of the common error you may face at any time.

If you face so, then don’t worry. In this support article, you will be provided with some simple hacks to resolve the matter with ease. In order to resolve it at first, you have to know more about the error code. Otherwise, without knowing the error code, troubleshooting will be difficult.

An Insight Into Outlook Error 0x80040600

You may face this frustrating error code whenever you are trying to access your Outlook mail.

The overuse of PST file is the main cause behind this error code. You may have exceeded the storage limit of your Outlook PST file.

Every Outlook has a limit to store PST files. When you exceed the limit, Outlook fails to do work normally and generates the Outlook error 0x80040600.

Measures To Avoid The Error Code 0x80040600

If you follow these simple steps, then you can avoid this frustrating code easily. Firstly, update your Outlook on a regular basis as well as diagnose your PST files regularly.

Easy Methods To Fix Outlook Error 0x80040600

Method 1: Delete Unnecessary Mails

First, delete or remove your unimportant emails from the Outlook. To do so, open your Outlook software and delete your emails manually. It will reduce the unnecessary PST files from your Outlook. After this process, restart your system and access your Outlook account. See if this fixed the error.

Method 2: Scan PST File

You should try to scan and remove unnecessary PST Files from your Outlook account. To do so, first, close your Outlook software and open the file explorer. Now, go to the SCANPST.EXE file and click the file whichever you want to repair. Next, click on the START button and then click on REPAIR. After this process, your work will be done. If not, then try another method.

Method 3: Reset Outlook

If you fail to resolve the matter after the previous steps then try to uninstall your Outlook as well as reinstall it again. It will reduce all unnecessary PST files. To do the process, go to the Control Panel and uninstall your Outlook first and then reinstall it. It will take some time. After the whole process, restart your system and access your Outlook account.

Method 4: Update Outlook

If you don’t want to reset your Outlook then you can update it as an alternative method. Try to open Outlook and download the latest version of it and install it safely. After the installation process, you can resolve your Outlook bug easily.

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