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Users encounter Firefox application error when firefox closes or quits unexpectedly. This indicates that Firefox has failed to read the configuration file. The problem arises due to a Firefox program file. Extension, theme or hardware acceleration can also cause this type of errors occasionally. This situation is not unusual for Windows 7 and 10 users.

Multiple reasons are there behind the occurrence of this error. But you can get in touch with the customer support forum to fix your problem instantly.

Causes of Firefox Application Error

Let us analyze some of the causes one by one

  1. The  Firefox Error occurs due to old or corrupted drivers. An older version of Firefox or your computer’s software are the primary reasons behind this error. Out of date plugins and drivers won’t allow Firefox to respond to your search query.
  2. If your PC does not have the latest internet security software, Firefox will crash and make this error. Presence of virus, spyware or adware in your PC also creates this error.
  3. An error can also persist in your RAM. Firefox will not work if you are not using the latest version of Windows. Outdated antivirus or antispyware program will cause the same error.
  4. Firefox application error can happen due to corrupt data in your settings. The virtual browsing feature of internet security software can prevent Firefox from starting
  5. Incomplete and unclear installation of firefox can be a vital cause for this error. An incompatibility between software and your firefox will resist proper working of the firefox.

Also, any recently installed add-ons will affect the operation of Firefox. Sometimes you can face this error after updating Firefox.

Some immediate solutions for firefox exe application error:

As you know already that our qualified and trained experts are there to solve any error related to Firefox. Below is a summary of some accessible solutions which you can apply in your case

Step 1-

First, update your software, Firefox, and Windows. If an older version of the driver on your system is causing this error, then update them.

Step 2-

Scan your computer for any virus, adware or malware. Then install an antivirus to remove them. Rectify the corrupt data in the settings of your PC.

Step 3-

Uninstall the existing version of your firefox and perform a clean installation. Uninstall an add-on, anti-spyware or antivirus program which you have recently installed on your PC.

Step 4-

If extension and hardware acceleration show this error, take external help instead of trying to solve it manually. Update the plugins and internet security software on your computer and reopen firefox.

Step 5-

Check your hardware and open firefox in safe mode. Check whether an issue is there with your computer’s RAM. Uninstall any problematic software from your device.

24×7 support system at your desk

The technicians at Browser Support are always accessible for sorting out your problem with firefox application error. This error involves a lot of technicalities which can lead to other related issues if you do not fix it at the earliest. You can register your problem and request their service by calling them at +1-888-796-4002
You can also mail them at their official email id. They assist every customer at no extra cost.

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