One-Stop Solutions to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

Microsoft Office is assuredly the most famous office suite across the globe.  It provides exclusive and handy services to their clients and offers mailing services to improve the work with excel sheets, Microsoft includes all the aspects of your efficiency. Along with the specifications, Microsoft Office is prone to many technical glitches. Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4 is one of the most common errors that users are facing nowadays.

The issue mainly occurs when Microsoft Office 365 attempts to update or install any software. In this case, you can’t open your Microsoft office smoothly. Sometimes, it fails to upgrade the installation. It is very annoying to the user and needs to troubleshoot as soon as possible.  Follow the article and try out the troubleshooting process to fix your issues instantly. In case, you face any trouble to resolve the problem on your own, avail instant support at any time.

Indications of the error code 1058-4

The issue for Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4 probably appears with some symptoms. Here we have discussed some of the signs that arise before the error occurs:

  • The installation process of the Microsoft Office will be stopped.
  • An annoying error message pop-ups on your computer screen randomly.
  • The performance of your computer system can decrease due to the error.

Causes behind the Microsoft Office error 1058-4

There are multiple reasons behind this specific error code. However, we have listed some of the common causes which are responsible for the occurrence of Microsoft Office error code 1058-4.

Antivirus software: The presence of any third party antivirus tool may be the lead cause behind the error code. It can block your installation procedure due to some security reasons.

Lousy internet connection: In case, you have bad network connectivity, it can stop your installation or up gradation process.

Conflict in the system registry: Many times, a single key-value corruption can boost the issue.

Solutions to fix Microsoft Office 2013 error code 1058-4

You can see multiple troubleshooting processes that are already published on the internet but none of them can resolve your issue completely.  We have a team of technical experts having years of experience in solving all Microsoft Office issues. Our tech experts have found some practical solutions that can diminish your problems instantly. Try out the fixes that are given below:

Solution-1 Disable firewall

First of all, you need to go to the Control Panel in the Start Menu. Next, go to the system and security option. Now, you have to navigate the Windows firewall. Click on the Windows firewall and turn it off. After that, try to upgrade or the Microsoft Office again and see whether the problem persists or not. In case, you still encounter  Microsoft Office error code 1058-4, try out the next process.

Solution-2 Turn off the Antivirus software

Many times, an antivirus system may prevent your system to install or update any software. If this is your issue, you need to turn off your existing antivirus system. First of all, open the antivirus system and go the real-time protection option by clicking on Settings. Now, disable the real-time protection. Next, go to the firewall setting and disable it. Now, install the Microsoft office and see the result.

Need any further assistance | Dial us now!

In case, the solutions mentioned above fail to resolve your issue, you can get exclusive Microsoft Office support instantly through multiple communication channels. The tech support team is active 24*7 at your assistance. You can choose any of the communication channels and reach BabaSupport team as per your convenience.

Avail instant support by dialing at  Baba Support Phone Number +1-888-796-4002 In case, if the support number is congested or the call drops, email your issues in detail. The tech experts will get back to you shortly. Moreover, you can even connect to Live chat support portal and discuss your problem directly with Microsoft tech experts. They are active 24×7 to resolve Microsoft Office error code 1058-4 instantly.

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