Skype Certificate Error: Get Easy Solution From Baba Support

When the MS Office 365 user attempts to log-in to Skype for Lync Online, an alert message, saying “Skype certificate error has occurred” pops up on the screen.  Such a Skype issue is usually familiar with the Lync 2010 or Lync 2013 version.

The same error recurs while trying to sign-in to Lync after a network outage. A certificate error displaying ” cannot log-in to Lync due to certificate verification error will pop up. The alert sign indicates a problem that occurs while acquiring the personal certificate to log-in. If this problem continues to exist in your Skype application id, contact the Baba Support officials.

Causes Behind Skype Certificate Error

The Skype security certificate error may show up on your computer if any of the statements below come true:

  • Using the software which is obsolete or out of date. The Lync client program could be out of date. Apart from that, using the old version of the Microsoft Online services log-in assistance could be an additional error factor.
  • Validation issue of the Skype Certificate, or when it cannot be appropriately acquired. The Skype application that supports the Business Online format can be outdated. Otherwise, the cached credentials of the Skype program are malware corrupted or out of date.

Furthermore, a particular portion of the Skype certificate is unauthorized. As a result, the chain certificate validation fails unexpectedly displaying the Skype certificate error. However, some dedicated solutions help you best in subsiding the certificate alert from your Skype id.

Ways To Remove Skype Security Certificate Error

While you try connecting to the front-end network, it makes the ‘sign-in’ process faster by caching the end-point server. But, the end-point can be changed sometimes and result in a log-in fail. Therefore to eliminate the end-point cache, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the data folder of the local application.
  • Delete that application folder that is linked to your login address.
  • Finally, restart the Lync program to try signing into the Skype for Business Online.

If the Lync version you are using is of 2010, then remove the Skype for Business Online permanently. Re-download and re-install a new updated version of Lync program.

It is important to note that when you click on to the ‘Save Password’ tab, it automatically saves the Skype certificate in your computer OS certificate manager.

How To Delete Personal Certificate And Re-install?

To remove a personal certificate and to get rid of the Skype certificate error, read the instructions just below:


Press both the ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ buttons together and type ‘Certmgr.Msc’ in the dialogue box. Click Ok to continue. The ‘Window Certificate’ manager will be launched.


Next, expand the ‘Personal’ folder by expanding the ‘Certificates’ option. Then sort them by the ‘Issued-By’ column. Search for the ‘Communication Server’ certificate and check if the certificate you need is present. If yes, then ensure that it didn’t expire.


Finally, delete the certificate and try signing in to your Skype profile for BUsiness Online.

See whether you get the same error notification of Skype certificate error or not. If yes, then ask for personalized assistance from Baba Support experts.

Need Help? Contact the Support Team

For further technical assistance in resolving the Skype sign-in issue, contact with the Baba Support helpdesk. The Baba Support team offers specialized Support. Share your doubts and avail our services via phone or email. The support team has skilled and well-informed officials who are always ready to help everyone. Get additional support and solution updates regularly by staying in touch with their support number +1-800-917-0185