Skype Recording Device Error: Top-Notch Solutions From Baba Support

Skype is one of the most preferred communication media worldwide. But, apart from all the advantages it brings, it can trigger the Skype recording device error due to certain system faults. As a result, your device will refuse to work the way it should.

Reasons For Skype Recording Device Error

The most annoying indication for Skype recording device error is when you face hindrances in calling someone online. The users usually encounter such difficulty right after hanging up the call. Many Skype users have rarely reported facing this problem whereas some face it almost every time while making a call.

Several reasons are responsible for the Skype error problem with a recording device. If the software configuration of Skype is in order, but still you are getting notified of the Skype fault, then the most common cause could be using an updated Skype program.

The Skype recording device error is generally prevalent while upgrading the program in the Windows 10, 7 or 8.1 operating system. The problem mainly occurs with the headsets- the fault does not lie within the laptop mic itself.

However, there are some troubleshooting steps, following which you can suppress the appearance of this error message. Two methods can help you in sorting out the Skype mic issue. Kindly follow and apply each of the methods until you get a solution that will best-fit the Skype error.


Before applying the resolving techniques, it is necessary to ensure a few things to confirm that the hardware is correctly configured.


The Skype recording device error message can appear due to any susceptible hardware error. Just start by ensuring that your device’s microphone is working regularly.


To check the device microphone, press the Windows and R button together and enter ‘Mmsys.Cpl.’ Finally, press the Enter key to go to the ‘Sound and Audio window.’


While using a headset, the microphone must be set to default. Then, navigate to the option of Recording present under the ‘Sound window.’ Make sure of marking the headset microphone to the ‘By-Default tab.’ If not, then set the mic to the default option by clicking on the ‘Set Default’ tab.

After that, try a test record. Check if the level of the microphone is rising up or not. The level bar is located just at the left side of the mic. If the microphone level bar is usually rising, then your device mic does not have any hardware issue at all.

Resolutions For Skype Recording Device Error

Try out the methods stated below to help eliminate the message, displaying “Skype error problem with a recording device.”

  • Deactivate Exclusive Control For Your Device Mic

Mostly, the Skype microphone surfaces just after a Windows OS update. Changing the settings can apparently cause the Skype program to disable itself from the system hardware, thereby triggering the Skype recording device error. Also, it disables the microphone utility. The faults in the Exclusive Control sound priority setting overrides due to some software updates performed by Windows Update.

  • Update Or Reinstall Sound Card Driver

If the above step did not prove to be fruitful enough, then avail of this method. You may face the Skype recording device error on a laptop. Check if the system contains generic audio Realtek drivers software installed in it. If not, then install the same. The audio Realtek software provided by the vendor is specially configured to be utilized on your PC or laptop models. There will hardly be any possibility of occurring the Skype alert on your PC.

Reinstall the audio drivers if your device mic does not have any hardware fault in it. Reinstalling and updating the sound driver application will surety remove the Skype recording device error from your computer.

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