Best Technical Support To Solve Norton Error 3048 3

Norton error 3048 3 appears during program installation when a Symantec related software program is running. Norton Antivirus is an example of  Symantec related software. This error code also occurs during Windows startup or shutdown. Installation of the operating system is another underlying cause.

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How to interpret that your PC is facing Norton Error 3048 3

Below are some indications which you will experience when you come across this issue.

  • “Error 3048 3” will appear on the screen and crash your computer’s active program Window.
  • If you continue to run the same program, then your PC will keep on crashing.
  • Your computer’s screen will display “Norton Error 3048 3”.
  • Windows will run at a slow speed and respond slowly to input devices.
  • Your computer will stop working for a few seconds.

What are the possible causes of Norton Error 3048 3?


Norton error 3048 3


Primarily, you can find this error creeping up if the download of the software is not isn’t proper or a corrupt version is downloaded or if the installation isn’t done appropriately. Recently if you have installed or uninstalled or made changes in Norton Antivirus related software, this error will arrive. A corrupted Windows registry is another cause. A general reason is that virus or malware has infiltrated on your system leading to the Windows system files or the files associated with Norton corrupt. If another program has accidentally or maliciously deleted Norton Antivirus related files, it may also pop up on your screen.

It can happen that you may have incorrectly edited Windows registry. There is an excessive accumulation of junk files in your computer from web surfing and computer use which is making this error. Norton Antivirus responds slowly and shows this error due to file conflicts and overloaded hard drive.  Your PC does not have updated drivers so this error code appears. It may happen that your PC is lacking all available Windows updates. Any recent system changes can also cause this error code.

Simple Techniques to Fix Norton Error 3048 3

Runtime errors like error 3048 3 are very bothersome. Therefore,  Norton users try out different methods to fix it. But they often cannot choose the most suitable method for themselves. So, the assistance of professionals is a requirement in this situation.

You can manually repair corrupted Windows registry without a PC service professional but, it may have some negative effects on the registry. If you miss a single step, your PC will stop booting permanently. Scan your PC to detect the presence of any malware or virus on your system. Use Disk Cleanup Manager to clean up temporary files and folders. Update the drivers for your PC and install all available Windows updates. Restore your Windows system and undo recent changes. First, uninstall and then again install the Norton Antivirus program which has a relationship with this error. Run Windows system file checker to scan and rectify corruption in Windows system files. Backup all your documents and perform a clean installation of Windows.

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