What To Do With Unwanted Trophies?


When you receive trophies and awards for winning a tournament or got an award from your organization for your contribution towards the organization then it makes you quite happy and your chest swells with pride, but what to do when you have receive so many trophies that you don’t even find a place to keep them at home?

For that reason, many people are thinking about the disposal of trophies. Today, in this article, I will explain you how we can dispose those trophies and custom award plaques that we no longer need.

5 ways to dispose of trophies.

There are many ways to dispose of trophies as regular household waste.

Think about what are your prioritize, such as cost and effort, and decide which settlement method is right for you.

Discard as metal waste

If the trophy is made up of the metal, therefore it can be thrown away as “metal waste” of household waste. The collected metal waste is sent to the decomposed factory and reused as a valuable metal resource goes.

If the trophy also contains wooden or plastic parts on the trophy pedestal, then before disposing trophy collect those parts.

Sell at auction.

Sell your trophies in auction. Many people use these trophies for different purpose. Wide variety of small or big trophies are available in the market each silver trophy costs upto $30 to $50.

While listing the trophy in auction sell, make sure you have been removed the plate with your name mentioned on it.

Sell as a precious metal.

If you have a silver trophy, you can sell it as a precious metal at gold, silver and platinum shops. They will give you satisfied amount for your silver trophy.

If the bottom or side of the trophy is engraved with “925” or “Sterling”, it is proof that you are using genuine silver.

Disposed off as oversized trash

Trophies with a height of 30 cm to 50 cm cannot be disposed of as metal waste, so it must be thrown as oversized trash. For oversized waste, a garbage disposal ticket is required for each item. If you forget to stick it, it will not be collected, so be careful.

Take a picture of your trophy before disposal of trophies

Some people may be reluctant to throw trophies and custom award plaques because they do not need them. In such a case, take a picture and leave it as a memory in the album.

It is recommended to save it as a digital photo as it does not take up a lot of space and you can look back when you want to look back.

Final Thought

Winning trophies are easily thrown away as household waste, but the choice is totally depends on how much you value your trophies.

If you want to dispose of it at a lower price or get some money, then I suggest you to sell the trophy. Those who want to save time and effort, they can leave it on the waste collection route, which supports same-day collection.