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Windows Live Messenger was formerly known as MSN Messenger. It was released in the year 1999. Heeding to the changing times you would soon find out that email is not fast enough if you want to chat with your friends. You get a reply after the receiver has opened his system and read your email. So Windows came up with an instant messaging solution long before social media came into focus. Here you can hang out with your friends, live chat with them and hence messaging becomes easy. While Windows Live Messenger increases the flexibility and efficiency of sending and receiving the message, it also comes with some bugs and errors. Windows Live Messenger Error 8004882e being one of them.

Possible Reasons For Windows Live Messenger Error 8004882e

There are a few causes that lead to Windows Messenger error. Check if you are facing any of these.

Wrong Username and Password

If you forget either of your username and password, then you will receive this error code.

Corrupt Windows Registry Files

The registry files are essential for running the Windows Messenger. So in case you are using any corrupt registry then you have all the reasons for facing this error code.

Issues In System Operation

As we have discussed above the corrupt registry files and invalid entries. This can occur due to failure in the installation of a software or after uninstalling software that may have left invalid entries in your Operating System. And issues like these in the operating system can also cause similar glitches like the Windows Live Messenger error code 80072efd. Which you will be able to solve on your own with the right instructions.

Malware Attack

Virus attacks are common, and if you open any malicious websites, you are bound to be infected. So virus and malware’s are another reason for Windows Live Messenger Error 8004882e.

Power Failure

Unexpected shutdown or power failure is also one of the causes of the error.

There are some other causes such as deletion of a registry file or hamper in the execution of system operation. We shall now see the solutions that we can apply to eliminate this error.

Windows Live Messenger Error 8004882e

Fix Your Windows Live Messenger Error 8004882e

To answer your “How To Fix Error Code 8004882e?”, you need to follow the steps given below.

Signing In using Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt and type regsvr32 softpub.dll a then hit enter. Again type  regsvr32 wintrust.dll and then hit Enter. Then type regsvr32 initpki.dll. Now try to log in to Windows Messenger.

Scan the system

Using tools from the internet, you can scan and repair the error code 8004882. First, install the tool and then double-click on the tool icon. Scan your computer using it, and you will be notified where your issue mainly is.

These tools are mostly available in the trial version, and you can switch to paid version by buying a license key.

Create a Fingerprint Reader

You can also fix this issue by creating a fingerprint reader. Launch Windows Live Messenger and then confirm the reader. Make sure that you press the Remember My Password so that it becomes easy for you the next time you log in to the system.

Choose The Best Support

Windows Live Messenger Error 8004882e is common in Windows Messenger, and it becomes quite hectic if you get stuck with it. It is recommended that someone with no technical knowledge or not so expert in this field does not opt to resolve the issue themselves.

So, get in touch with Babasupport technicians at toll-free Number: +1-888-796-4002 who are fluent with all kinds of issues which may occur with your Windows Live Messenger. They can provide you with experienced professionals and therefore the best possible solution to the issue. Avail their services as fast as you can.

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