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Canon printer error code U052 denotes that your printer does not have a printhead or the printhead is incorrect. If you have received the error right after installing the printhead, then it is due to a glitch in the print head.

When your printer cannot recognize one or more cartridges, you will get this error. It is not an unusual issue for Canon printer users to face this error code. In this article, we bring you two different ways to solve this error with ease.

Our Babasupport has certified engineers who look after such error codes. Therefore, you can connect with Baba Support to fix all type of Canon printer issues in a short span of time.

Canon Printer Error Code U052

Solutions For Canon Printer Error Code U052

Canon printer with an installed printhead

Follow the steps below if you are receiving this error when a printhead already exists in your printer.

  • Open the top lid of the printer and unplug your printer. Remove the ink cartridges, and you will find the black print head.
  • Gently pull out the print head and run the cleaning cycle on the print head.
  • Reset the print head and the ink cartridges to their respective positions.
  • Close the top lid of the printer and power on the printer. Now, test your printer.

Canon printer without a print head

Go through the steps below if your printer does not have a printhead.

  • Switch off the printer and open its top lid. There is a sliding rail beside the cartridges slot where you need to install the print head.
  • Fix the cartridges in the cartridge slots and close the lever.
  • Close the top lid of the printer and turn it on to take a test print.

Other Ways To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code U052

  1. Ensure that you have installed both the color and black & white ink cartridges in your printer.
  2. The code of a cartridge depends on the model of the printer. Make sure that your cartridges bear the correct codes.
  3. The printer communicates with a series of metallic contacts on the cartridge. Remove the cartridges from your printer and clean the contacts. Otherwise, the dirt will prevent your printer from reading the cartridges.
  4. If it seems to you that one of the cartridges is defective, replace it with a brand new Canon cartridge.
  5. Clean the inkjet print head so that any clogged particle cannot obstruct the printing. If the problem persists, then your printer has a broken print head. In such a situation, there is no option other than changing it.

24*7 Technical Support For Canon Printers

You can obtain tech assistance from our Baba Support experts if you cannot solve your issue after trying out these solutions. If Canon printer error code U052 is not occurring due to the causes enlisted in this article, then there can be other causes as well. Hence, you can approach our technical assistance to fix Canon printer u052 error code. To report your problem call our Babasupport customer support number: +1-888-796-4002 or mail us at [email protected]. Consult with our experts through live chat for any more queries.

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