How to Fix Outlook Error 0x8de00005 | Easy Hacks

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely accepted email clients all across the world. It saves your data as an OST file, i.e., Offline Storage Table.  It can be used as a stand-alone application or can work with Microsoft Exchange Servers & Microsoft SharePoint Server as well. Despite its excellent features, it also faces some serious errors. One of the failures that the users often complain about is the Outlook error 0x8de00005.

If you are struggling with MS Outlook issues, do not worry. Just go through the article and follow the steps mentioned below. Alternatively, you can place a call on Baba Support for outlook support and talk to our experts and get valuable solutions over a short span of time.

Primary Reasons Causing Outlook Error 0x8de00005

MS Outlook error 0x8de00005 occurs when your Windows Live Mail cannot connect with the Outlook or MSN Servers to retrieve your mail. The problem is related to two sorts of authentication that use the same credentials at the same time. One of which is used for the sign-in and the other for the mail server.

Outlook Server Error 3219 | Quick Fixes

MS Outlook errors can create serious unavoidable glitches to the users. Error codes are complicated and require efficiency to resolve them. We have mentioned a few of the easy solutions here. However, taking experts assistance can make your work smoother and decrease the risk caused to your email along with the permanent loss of data. In case you are unable, connect with the experts.

Step 1 

Click on the Accounts Tab and Click on the + symbol with the @ sign.

Step 2

Provide the necessary details.

Step 3 

Open Manually Configure  Server Settings.

Step 4

Select “IMAP” as the server type.

Step 5

Type and in port type 993 in the Server Address field.

Step 6

Check on Requires a secure connection SSL.

Step 7 

Under the“Outgoing Server Information” type as the server address and 587 in port type.

Step 8

Check on “Requires a secure connection SSL” and “Requires Authentication.”

Step 9

Click Next.

However, if you are still struggling with the Outlook error, connect with Babasupport for easy solutions to quickly fix the issues.

Contact For Expert’s Assistance

Just in case you are still facing the issues to fix Outlook Error 0x8de00005 even after performing all the steps mentioned above, connect with Baba Support experts. Outlook Customer Services is available 24*7. The skilled technicians are always available to serve you. They are equally well versed with the MS Outlook errors. We will take care so that your experience with us is beneficial and a smooth one.

Call – You can call +1-888-796-4002 at Baba Support and have a detailed conversation with the experts for Microsoft support regarding your Outlook error and get easy solutions instantly.

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