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If you ask the question does changing router change IP address? Then my answer is no. People change IP address to access unavailable websites based on IP or to change identity following an attack or register more than one account on a site. So if you change your router, it does not mean you are changing your IP address.

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does changing router change ip address


           Steps for changing the IP address of a router

  • Turn off your router and then restart it: Sometimes turning off your router and turning it back on will not change IP address. If you do this several time you may obtain a new IP address. If you do not get a new IP address by doing this step then turn off the router and leave it for the overnight and restart in the next morning.
  • Reconnect your router to your Internet Service Protocol through administrative Interface: If you once log in to the Administrative Console of the router you will be able

Hope this article has clarified your doubt regarding ‘Does changing router change IP Address’. In fact, now you can change your IP address for routers. If you still have any questions related to IP addresses and routers, feel free to get in touch with the tech experts immediately. They will not only clarify your doubts but also provide easy steps to do it yourself.

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