HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking and No Screen Issue – Easy Hacks By Baba Support

If you are an HP laptop user, then you must have experienced the HP laptop caps lock blinking and no screen issue at least once. This blackout error of the screen leads to a black screen and stops running. The problem is basically indicated with the sudden occurrence of black screen and blinking of the caps lock button twice.

If this the situation, then the trouble is mainly with the BIOS settings. One easy way out to fix it by trying the back option to set the BIOS. After backing it up, you need to relaunch it and if it restarts without any problem then all is fine. However, if it still shows an error then the trouble is quite intense and you must consider getting an expert involved in the process to find immediate solutions.

Caps Lock Blinking and No Screen

Modifying the BIOS Settings is quite technical and a non-tech-savvy person may not be able to do it. That may lead to worse consequences. So it is better to get in touch with Baba Support. Their experts will help you out in the best way possible.


How to resolve HP laptop 8740w blinking power light won’t turn on issue?

Start with installing the BIOS with the help of an attached USB. It will also help you to keep a backup check of the saved files on your system.

Another tried and trusted measure is accessing the hard reset option on your system. Resetting can fix a lot of options especially when it comes to errors like HP laptop power button flashing won’t turn on. However, resetting can erase all your saved data thus make sure to keep backup files of the important documents in a memory card.

To reset the system you need to first start with the adapter and then press the power button. Now, you need to remove the battery from its place and see if the light is still blinking. If it does, contact a technician to resolve this as this may damage others parts of the laptop too.

Some other related errors along with HP laptop caps lock blinking and no screen issue also gets resolved if you try to reset your system. However, if you are not sure about how to do the steps then it is always recommended to get some expert help. An expert has all the necessary troubleshooting remedies that will always work in your aid.

Yet, HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking And No Screen? Contact Baba Support Tech Experts


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