Middle Mouse Click Not Working: Learn How to Fix From BabaSupport

Accessing a laptop or desktop without a proper mouse feels like chewing food without teeth. The most common error with a mouse is middle mouse click not working.

With a defective and faulty mouse, the usability of a laptop or a desktop decreases automatically. Though we can access the keyboard arrows to scroll the page but giving input by a mouse at the same time is entirely more comfortable. The problem with the mouse can happen because of the new Windows update.

Middle Mouse Click Not Working: Here’s What You Need To Do

Middle Mouse Click Not Working

  • No response of the operating system: You should check the operating system is in working condition or not. Sometimes, the laptop or the desktop freezes and stops responding. In such cases, the mouse may not work as expected.
  • Check if you have disabled the mouse pad: Every laptop has a function key (Fn) combination to enable or disable the mousepad. It can be a case where you might have pressed the disabled button.

To solve this issue try the following combinations :

  1. Press Fn + F6
  2. Press Fn + F9
  3. Fn + F12
  4. Fn + F5
  • External devices can be a reason for the trouble. To troubleshoot the problem, you should turn off the system first and then disconnect all the external devices quickly. Restart the system and check the mouse if it is now working or not.
  • Reboot your laptop: To interpret the issue, you can remove your battery for a while. After some time, you can re-attach the battery and start the computer.
  • Check mouse settings: You can press the window button, and by using the keyboard you can check the mouse settings. To fix the problem upgrading, you can review the device manager. It tells the detailed information about any hardware issues and makes accessible the troubleshooting process.

                          You can also go for the button settings. Here, you can see a box where you have to select the button and the task of the switch. Moreover, device manager can be used to fix the scroll wheel not working.

  • Check the BIOS setup: You must check the BIOS configuration. You can use your keyboard arrows to check the settings. Check the hardware device settings and if the mouse is disabled somehow then make sure you enable it. After this step, you need to restart your laptop.

Possible Causes For Middle Mouse Click Not Working Windows 10

Middle Mouse Click Not Working

  • Hardware device difficulty
  • Incorrect device settings
  • Mouse driver: Faulty mouse driver can be one of the reasons. You can reinstall the mouse drivers. Just download the updated mouse drivers from the manufacturer’s website and install it quickly to get it resolved.
  • Malware or virus: A virus can be very much dangerous for your laptop. It damages the parts of the system slowly and brings a sudden change to laptop or desktop devices.
  • Improper Windows system configuration: Most of the times, after updating a windows new version, the input or output devices stop working. It happens because of the incorrect windows configuration. After upgrading a new version, you should focus on the settings. If there is anything interrupting devices to work, then you should immediately make some changes to the settings.

It is depressing when you cannot access your expensive laptop or desktop. After all, everyone wants to enjoy using a computer or desktop smoothly. You can follow the instructions carefully and get the viable solutions to troubleshoot the error.

Rely On BabaSupport For Technical Assistance

Middle Mouse Click Not Working


As mentioned earlier, middle mouse click not working is quite a common issue. It may slow down your work pace and cause other disturbances. If this problem persists, feel free to call BabaSupport, chat with the experts or mail them your concerns. They’ll take care of the issues. Dial the customer support number +1-888-796-4002  and get in touch with the professionals for expert solutions.