Troubleshoot Skype Call Ended Error: One Stop Solution

Skype, is the telecommunications application software that allows you to experience the world-class  HD video calling. Now, with real-time call features, you get to stay connected with friends and family, globally. However, if you are noticing the Call failed message while trying to call through Skype, then you are not alone in this. Many Skype users are reporting this error issue, ‘skype call ended error’, from time to time. This article might come to your help to get rid of the annoyance and get a quick resolution on the go.

Underlying Cause Of Skype Call Ended Error Occurrence

Various reasons can lead to the encountering of a particular error. Here, you get a list of probable causes that lead to skype call ended error. Have a look:

  • It might be that you have signed in to a separate account than the one you were supposed to log in.
  • There might be poor internet connectivity which can cause a drop in your network speed suddenly.
  • The error issues can also occur due to the disk I/O error.

If you are facing any of the issues mentioned earlier, then you should seek professional help. However, if your query related question does not get highlighted here, then call Baba Support helpdesk executives, and get a vast array of services, best suited for your action.

How To Fix Skype Call Ended Error?

If you are intended to fix the issue on your own, then all you have to do is, follow the instructions step by step-

Solution 1: Upgrade Skype to the latest version

In most of the cases, error issue can arise due to incompatibility issues. You can quickly fix the error by upgrading your current Skype app to the latest version. You need to go to the official site and look for any available updates.

Furthermore, you should also check whether the recent version is compatible with your device. After you have completed the installation, check if the skype call ended internal error is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Update your device drivers

Often, an outdated or a corrupted device driver could be the primary reason behind the sudden appearance of the error message. This error mostly generates if your audio or graphics card drivers become out of date.

You need to check whether all your devices have the appropriate driver, and update the ones that can cause hindrance to your interface with Skype.

Solution 3: Temporarily disable third-party antivirus software

Due to interference from your recent installed third-party antivirus software, this error can occur. You can save your device, by temporarily disabling your antivirus. Additionally, you can also consult your antivirus documentation for further instructions. Now, notice if the error code reappears; if it does, then you need to install a separate antivirus programme for the solution.

Solution 4: Check the network connectivity

Unstable internet connection can block Voice over IP apps. This is the most reported issue that causes a failure in a Skype call. You have to check, by testing your network speed, to see if you are using a poor internet connection. Connect with your service provider to improve internet performance.

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and the skype call ended error persists, then you might require additional help. Feel free to leave a comment at Baba Support website, to get the requisite solution.

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