5 Ways To Fix Steam Error Content File Locked

Steam Error Content File Locked is a very common issue. Steam content file locked error is also known as the Disk error or write error. Whenever you are going to install or update any game on the steam display, this error can discourage you badly. The error normally appears like “An error occurred while updating [Game title] (Content file locked)”. You cannot update the game again. Basically, this error indicates that Steam has not been unable to update the files on your hard drive. But don’t worry because here we have laid down “how to fix content file locked steam error?” Just keep reading this article. This error is also known as Disk error or write error.

Possible Causes for the error

The file Steam need to access is locked and cannot be open or edited, then this error occurs. This error usually happens when the game is running and the file of the game is open on another folder. If the file is scanned by any antivirus software through real-time file system scanning process, then you may face this error. Now, take a look at the solutions to fix this Steam error content file locked error.

Repair Steam error content file locked error

Here we have listed some different ways to repair the steam error content file locked error. Just follow these steps to overcome this error:

Solution 1: Check the antivirus software

Sometimes having an antivirus you may face this error. The antivirus software can mark the steam necessary for the steam as malware. Here we have declared some various methods for various antivirus software. Just follow these:

McAfee antivirus

In McAfee antivirus, you have not got any option to exclude files from McAfee scans. The only thing you can do is you just turning it off entirely. Once you off or disable it you can easily update the game. To do this:

  • Open McAfee and click on the Virus and Spyware Protection
  • Next, you can find the option Real-time Scanning click on the option and turn it off.

To verify the integrity of game files follow the next instruction.

  • Now, restart your computer and then relaunch the steam
  • In the library section, right-click on the game which gives you this error message.
  • Then, tap on the Properties and then select the local files tab
  • After that, verify the integrity of the games file button, the steam will verify the game in just a few minutes.


This antivirus has the tendency to mark some files as malicious. While updating the gaming software this may result in the error. In the steam, directory copy the address C:\Program File\Steam\SteamApps\common. This is the default address for the steam directory. After that open ESET NOD32 and the address in the exclude from real-time scanning. Now, follow the above verify the integrity of game files step and restart your computer.

Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky sometimes uses a flags Steam as an indicator and it disables the update in gaming software. To fix it click on the threads and exclusions then navigate it in any trusted zone. And as a trusted application add the Steam.exe file. After that, scan all the open files. Now follow the verify the integrity of game files method and you will be all good.

Solution 2: Reset Winsock/Network Adapter

Another issue that which leads to “an error occurred while updating content file locked” error is the Winsock catalog or the internal network adapter. We can reset it and we will rollback the default setting. To do this follow:

  • At first, press Windows logo key +R key to open the Run Window
  • In the run dialog box type netsh Winsock reset
  • Now, execute the command and give a fresh restart to the computer

Solution 3: Repair the corrupted files

If the above two method does not work for you, then you can follow this step

  • At first, exit the steam which navigates to your steam directory. Or you can also choose to navigate it in the custom location for the installation.
  • Now, move the logs folder and open the .txt file
  • Move the bottom of the text file and search the current errors
  • Then, navigate the root folder and restart the steam and move the download folder. Here you can see that the steam will be asking the permission to update the game. Just click on the Yes option

Now, you can update the necessary game files. If not, then you can do the next step.

Solution 4: Relocate the files and game installation

If the above step does not help you then you can follow this last step. This step is broken into two parts. In first, we try to relocate the steam and launch it. During that, if any error occurs, then we have to reinstall it again. This is the second part. The process is listed below:

  • Navigate the steam client and click on the setting option
  • Then, select the Download option and click on the Steam Library folders
  • Now, click on the Add Library Folder after that select new path where you want to locate the stem
  • Then, exit the steam client
  • Navigate the current steam directory
  • Delete all the files except SteamApps and UserData folders. And also, try not to delete exe files.
  • Cut all the folders and paste them into the new directory
  • After that, launch steam and relog in

If you encounter any problem while launching it then you can follow this step.

  • Close the Steam application.
  • Browse the location where you want to put the steam
  • After that, relocate the ‘steamApps’ folder from the disc directory
  • Then, uninstall the steam
  • Now, move the steam apps in the steam directory
  • After that, launch the steam and enter the information
  • At last, verify the integrity steam game files


In this article, we have discussed “what does content file locked mean on Steam?” Furthermore, Steam error content file locked is a general error. Therefore, we have given solutions enough and easy, so that, you can fix it by yourself by following one of the above steps. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask. You can leave it in the comment section below.

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