Adobe error 148:3 | An Instantaneous Fix To Get Rid Of This Error

Adobe error 148:3 can appear while installing a program on your PC. When the Adobe Systems Inc.-related software program is running on your PC, it can cause the same error. It may also happen when you are starting or shutting down your PC or installing your Windows operating system.

Like other runtime errors, this error is also very annoying. But, solutions are available with our high-tech team for eliminating it. So all you need to do is get in touch with us. We will respond immediately.

adobe error 148:3

An Overview Of This Error Code

Users of different Adobe versions face Adobe error 148:3. Many users face this error while working with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Cs4 Photoshop. On the other hand, users of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver Cs4, Adobe Support, and Adobe Reader also face the same error message. The reasons behind this error code on different versions of Adobe may vary among various users.

Consequences of Adobe Error 148:3

If you are facing any of the above, then you will easily understand that your PC is suffering from this error.

  • This error will appear and crash your computer’s active program Window.
  • Your PC will crash while running the same program.
  • Your computer’s screen will display that Licensing for this product has stopped working.
  • There will be a sudden drop in the speed of the internet to a great extent.
  • Your Windows will respond slowly to the input devices such as mouse and keyboard.
  • Suddenly your computer can also freeze for a few seconds.
  • The computer’s screen will display instances of file deletion or new files appearing.

Causes Of Adobe Error 148:3

A corrupt download or an incomplete installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro software is the primitive cause of this error. Any recent changes in Acrobat pro related software can be another reason. Virus or malware can corrupt Windows system files or Adobe Acrobat Pro related program files. Malicious or accidental deletion of Adobe Acrobat Pro related files can also cause this runtime error.

Adobe licensing may stop working if you do no apply Adobe licensing service update. If Adobe crashes while running, Adobe error 148:3 will definitely appear on your computer’s screen. This notification will exist until you take any measure to remove it. This error sometimes states that an incompatible program is running on your PC. Memory problem, low free space or bad graphics driver on your computer can also be held responsible in some cases.

Smart Methods To Fix Adobe Error 148:3

In order to avoid further conflicts, you need to address this error immediately.

Foremost, you need to close the conflicting programs followed by updating or reinstalling them. If you detect any virus or malware on your computer, then download or update your antivirus program. Installation of the latest Windows updates is also necessary. Run disk cleanup for creating more free space on your device. You have to reinstall your graphics driver if they are responsible for this situation. Update Adobe license if your computer is lagging behind such update. You can run Adobe license repair tool if the problem continues.

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